I am a dynamic artist specialising in the development and creation of original paintings. The challenge is to create art that is a little different whilst remaining widely accessible. To achieve this I work on the dividing line between the figurative and abstract. I keep in mind that there is time on either side of the single moment of an image and I endeavour to capture some of that surrounding time. Think of it as an animation condensed into a single frame.


Having studied colour extensively I use it to great effect such as laying down the mood of the work. Colour goes much farther than that though. It is responsible for a number of different contrasts that ramp up the visual impact and lead the eye from one area to the next in a predetermined manner. You may not always realise it but when you enjoy a painting it is not usually by mere chance but because the artist has thought through the composition in ways that go much further than simply getting the layout right.


Enjoy my art here. If you would like to see some of it with a view to buying let me know.

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