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Every painting has its own story

I love painting and I'm good at it. I should be after spending so many years at it. Each day brings a new challenge and each painting brings a new conversation. My work depends a great deal upon what the painting itself has to say about the moment by moment decisions that are taken in the process of travelling from the beginning to the completion of the work. An example of this is where I think I am going to do something specific but a combination of colours and forms combine to lead me elsewhere. With each stroke the direction can be subtly changed from my original purpose. This is a wonderful experience that allows the painting to emerge as an entity in its own right.

What I paint with

My work is generally finished with oil paints. I find they provide greater richness and subtlety. However, the paintings are always started using acrylics to allow me to proceed in the early stages at a quicker pace and avoid becoming entangled in details before the piece has had time to have its say.

What tools I use depends a lot upon the painting I am working on at the time. At any given time I'll use bristle brushes, kitchen towel, sponges, flat bits of wood and  palette knives. I've even used cling film to get the effects I've wanted.

How to buy my Art

Where I am

I work from home in my private studio in the Stroud valleys of the Cotswolds in England. It's a beautiful location and I never tire of looking down the valley and wondering at how lucky I am to live here.

My paintings are for sale direct from me. I also have a couple of chaps who represent my work and who make home visits by appointment. In either case contact me first and we can arrange the best way for you to see the work first hand. Photographs don't do any paintings justice and mine are no exception. Viewing a painting is a three dimensional experience. Even a smooth painting has texture. This is a truly important aspect that should not be ignored so if you want to buy art from me do try to see it up close and personal.


A home appointment is really good fun. You get the chance to see the artwork on the walls that you want art for. That's so much better than seeing a piece in a gallery where there is no context to help you make the right decision. I will even lend you the paintings if you need time to fall in love with them.

Commissioning Art

Taking the plunge and commissioning an artwork is a bit like closing your eyes and sticking a pin in the classified ads. You don't have much idea of what you will get. When you commission me to produce work for you, you only pay for it if you like it. That's guaranteed. The way I see it is that the work will be to my usual high standard and will happily become part of my saleable collection. The most important thing is that you get a painting that you love. I have no interest in forcing artwork onto people. It won't work for you and it certainly won't work for me.



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